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About Rotterdam.Trade

Coronovirus has changed how Trade is done. Video conferencing and Blockchain are now key, both of which will be features of Rotterdam.Trade. Trade Opportunities via Videoconferencing will be accessible via this site as will other Videoconferencing Events. Keep scrolling down for more info...

Blockchains.Business is an IBM Partner Programme. Rotterdam.Trade is a Blockchains.Business site

Benefits Of Blockchain For Trade

Current Supply Chains are very inefficient, complex, and lack transparency. A major benefit to Buyers of Blockchain, is the transparency it provides, how it simplifies admin and payment, and the fact that products can easily be tracked in real time.

With blockchain there's an immutable record of all the transactions and all the loads that move through the system.

Benefits of Video Conferencing For Trade

Video Conferencing has become an essential prop for Trade.

The Rotterdam.Trade Video Conferencing Programme will also make use of blockchain technology to enable business relationships, plan projects, and transact secure payments.

Linking Trade Buyers With Suppliers

Orders will be managed on the blockchain. Featured Products will be available for procurement, and their provenance will be certified on the Blockchain.

Inspection by A Leading Inspection Agency acceptable to the Buyer, can also undertaken.

Part of a .TradeNetwork

Buyers, can enjoy the benefits of accessing suppliers easily, wherever they are.
Suppliers, can also access buyers, as part of a Blockchain Facilitated Programme.

The Programme is part of a wider Trade Networks Programme. It will bring together Buyers, Manufacturers, Sellers, Supply Chain Finance Providers, and other players in relevant Supply chains.

Participating Retailer Buyers also have an option to use our Stores.IM programme to reach their consumer buyers in an integrated and innovative manner that can enhance efficiency and increase profits.

All trade parties on the Blockchain can share data as they deem appropriate. Some Features of the Blockchain are detailed below.

Blockchain can eliminate the need for trust in transactions, thanks to the fact that it facilitates the use of transparent and immutable smart contracts.

Blockchain offers potential for easing and speeding up transactions between trading partners. Advantages include:

- Improving supply chain visibility and transparency

- Reduction of transaction costs

- Tracking of products moving through the supply chain

- Facilitating the sharing of information across the Supply Chain

Please see links below that can help access useful information, as well as useful online services for Trade. Contact us to be kept informed of the launch of the Programme ....


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